5. How do I become a homeschooler? There are two forms that need to be completed by the parent and both can be filled out in our office. We can assist you with all the necessary steps to becoming a homeschool student.

6. What homeschool curricula do your provide? Florida Virtual School is the curriculum of choice though we encourage individualized learning and will assist you in choosing the best curriculum for your student(s). There are many different curricula to choose from.

7. How long should I expect it to take to complete each course?  The length of time it takes to complete a course will greatly depend on the student and their rate of progress. Courses are scheduled to take 18 - 32 weeks, but can be completed in as little as 9 - 18 weeks. With virtual courses, students can progress at their on rate.

8. How many courses am I required to take at one time? There are no set requirements. Transcripts will be requested and a free consultation can determine what will best suit your student's needs.

*Rates are subject to change without notice.

1. What does my child need to bring to class? Students need to bring their lunch everyday.

2. Do I have to be there at 7am? No. We are available from 7a - 2:30p, but your hours may fluctuate. The full time rate will remain the same whether you take advantage of all the time available to you or not.

3.  Do I have to be a homeschooler to come there? No. Many public school students decide to take virtual classes after school or during the summer for grade recovery or advancement. Once the student finishes the course, grades will appear on their district transcript.

4. What are your rates for full time and for hourly tutoring? Full time rates are $250 per week*, which is Monday - Friday, 7am - 2:30pm. Our Lakeshore Drive location is now closed and we are looking for another permanent location. Tutoring rates are $27/hour* (includes homework instruction.)   Full time distance learning students are $250 as well.*